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1. The arm that, during a hug or cuddle, has nowhere to be put and is generally uncomfortable and/or in the way; out of place, such is a spak. It is nearly always present during 'lay down' cuddles, when both participants lay side by side and cuddle, the 'spak arm' is the left arm of the person on the right if they leave it by their side. It cannot partake in any cuddling, nor can it move without interrupting the 'moment'.

2. When someone cannot throw a ball or object with either arm, the offending arm is given the name 'spak arm'. It is useless. Like a spak.
1. Jim thought, lying next to Lucy, whether eliminating the obscurity and pain of his spak arm was worth 'losing the moment'.

2. i) "Don't give it to spak arm! We wanna win, remember!"

2. ii) "Goldman, don't throw it with your fucking spak arm!"
by Blenks October 05, 2004
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by Jimmed September 26, 2006
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