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1) An anthropomorphic tiger goddess who will slash you to bits if you screw with her.

2) A kind, caring girl with a big heart and low self-confidence. She doesn't believe when people say she's pretty or talented. Spaghettitigers take up the whole room for some people, while to others she seems like nothing. Spaghettittigers can be determined, creative, or drop-dead gorgeous. They are good at listening and love to give advice, all the while making others feel good.
Spaghettitigers are shy and quiet, but they love having friends and helping people. They are happy when others are happy, sad when others are sad, kind, caring, generous. The list goes on and on about this amazing girl, and maybe somewhere in her heart she'll know who she is someday.
Guy 1: Ew, look, a Spaghettitiger.
Guy 2: Shut up, dude, she's a Spaghettitiger!
by Big_Brother01 February 13, 2017
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