as said by Tyler Durden. one willing or set out to sacrafice themself for the greater good.
Like a monkey being shot out to space.. a space monkey.
by fight club February 23, 2003
Underground Cult Website.
The word came about after naming a picture on a table apparently.
That should be used on spacemonkey
by MH February 15, 2005
Spacemonkey is the nickname of Daniel Jackson, given by Jack O'Neill. Daniel hates said name, which makes Jack use it even more. Given to him after he is alive after all (he almost pulled a Daniel Jackson).
"Spacemonkey. Yeah!"
"Don't call me Spacemonkey, Jaaack"
by LabRatAbby December 3, 2007
when you are in the act of sexual intercourse with a black chick and you throw her out a 4 story window head first
you know that jigaboo that died thats on the news? yea i inverted spacemonkey her
by tarou micheal January 10, 2009