A very funny guy, as original as his name and as messy as his hair. He never looks sad, always ready for a good fun. He'd get you out of trouble if you asked correctly but most time, he'll just sit in a corner and look at you and laugh while you're struggling cause that's how it is. Soyinka can be called So, Soso or just The Dude. He rules and knows things nobody else know.
Don't try to find him. He'll find you
Person 1 : I met Soyinka today... My legs are still shaking
Person 2 : what was it like ? I never met him though I go in every party he goes... Feeling so frustrated !
P1 : gosh you don't know till you seen it... It's another kind of thing dude...
Soyinka : that's for sure. You don't know till you tasted it.
P1 & P2 faint
by day.light February 22, 2017
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