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Descendants of the mass immigration barbaric hordes that invaded the native Haemasian lands populated by the native population of the area(Illyrians, Thracians, Hellenes, Dacians) as they tried to unsuccesfully whipe out the native population, slavic migrations are probably the worst migrants that can invade your lands, they will kill, rape, massacre any native and claim to be autochtonus to such lands...

This group consists of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, FYROM-ians and slavo-turkic bulgars..genetically neither slavic neither native, but rather mixed degenerates who manifest a barbaric animal-like behaviour.

The time will come when mass repatriations will begin, than there will be no more hiding.
A-South Slavs(Serbian) immigrants: CCCC, Kosovo je Srbije
B-Native Catholic Dardanians: Repeat that again slavic immigrant? Did you just mention Holy Dardania?
*Slavic immigrant hides but fails as he gets bombed in the process*
by Catholic Arbanas August 18, 2014
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