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A conservative who usually is usually conservative on the matters of tax reduction, international policy and gun rights, but can often times be liberal on such issues as drug prohibition, abortion and adult material.

They see liberal establishments like and College Liberals to be outdated or sometimes hypocritical, due to the perceived notion that they're concerned with only promoting certian rights for people and not others and put their own special interests in front of national security.

They also tend to be suspicious of political correctness, seeing it as an ironic classification of people who wanted to escape classification.

Many can be irreligious.

They tend to be late Generation X (1975-9) or early to mid Generation Y (1980-5).

Named after the cartoon South Park.
South Park Conservatives are an odd bunch.

They believe in tax cuts and Middle East reform yet they toke up like a hippie with 24 hours to live!
by ColdRedRain April 25, 2005
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