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Sotherarek a very caring,nice person,intelligent,has a fantastic voice for singing a big sense of personality.Sotherarek is mostly defined as a male.Sotherarek like girls not based of looks based off personalitySotherarek are very good at combat.Sotherarek is a good friend he tells the truth he lies but not as much.Sotherarek only lie if it's very very important that they cannot show or tell.Last thing about sotherareks is they passionate about everything and sotherareks mostly accomplish there goalz.Sotherareks think about family first money second.
These our beautiful things so I put this up cause this is true I'm married with someone named sotherarek so this is all very true about my husband might have a strange name but very good personality if someone named sotherarek go for em.
by Bionica_4982 August 07, 2019
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