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A really stupid self centres bitchy hoe who always rolls her trashy skirt around her stupid "cousin" and tries to hop into bed with him. She is super spoilt and only talks about how her parents are the richest and how she goes to America every year but she can't even afford to fix her bushy unibrow or shave her hairy sad moustache. She says that her mum is the manager of British Airways but the manager of British Airways is a man. Maybe her mum is a hermaphrodite, and that explains why Sophie looks like an 80 year old man. She is a pathological liar and just uses people when it's convenient for her then dumps them afterwards. But one day she will get all her karma back because she is a trashy person and anyone who has met her constantly has burns in their eyes from looking at her ugly face.
Me: Omg, there's Sophie Gil. We when was the last time she shaved or bathed?
Friend: Oh, I thought I was an extra hairy orangotang covered in elephant poo 😊
by Arloncie March 15, 2018
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