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An idiotic term usualy utilized by members of the lower race in an attempt to prove theyre superiority and to prove that they are a "real nigga" (see deffinition of real niggas) and a member of the "bloods" gang. Usualy used when attempting to intimidate a white person (big no no) or attempting to intimidate a member of an opposing gang (i.e. tribe) While the word is currently used as a gang refference, it does have it's rightful place in an actual language, stemming from swahili.
Negroid: soowoot im a real nigga! Yall cant touch me!
Police: Sir get on the ground now or you'r going to be tazed
Negroid: Fuck you white boy! Can't touch me! SOOWOOT!
Police: one B.M.A. in custody, tazed, we'll be transporting to city code two. (i.e. turn off the cameras and get the nigger knockers!)
by niggerknocker84 September 23, 2010
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