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Both "sooo unfortunate" and "hellov unfortunate" convey a non-desirable incidence or state of existence, with emphasis on fate's lack of contribution of overall fortune to the situation. The distinction between the two words separated by slashmaster " / " lies particularly in the fact that "sooo unfortunate" has the definite implication that the lack of fortune has exceeded the norm, while "hellov unfortunate" simply claims that the lack of fortune is great in magnitude, though not surpassing any desired standard. Furthermore "soo unfortunate" is used preferrably as an adjective, while "hellov unfortunate" can also be adverbial.
Demonstration of "sooo unfortunate / hellov unfortunate":
That one bitch, whose name a nigga ain't gonna say, was getting hellov unfortunate on Arjun's couch; it was sooo unfortunate.
by nesiasmoka October 05, 2005
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