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A group of human males that can be identified with a common set of circumstances such as the experiences of been abandoned, abused, betrayed by the fathers or simply never had a father or a responsible father.
Dude1: “ … how about the kind of bastards that left the children to be raised by their women alone, ditching all responsibilities to the family and obsessed with gambling all fortunes away with the endless futile stupidest business ambitions; then when they see the sons may have a better shot to succeed, they just have to do everything in their bastard nature to ruin every chances their shit lucked sons may have …”

Dude2: “ … I don’t know.. never had a father anyway, that bastard left us for dead since …”

Dude1: “ … yah we’re all sons of bastards dude …”
by sonobasta February 12, 2010
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