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Noun: "I'm f***ing somebody" does not declare a state of eminent fornication or unleashing of an unruly eager beaver predatory game when dealing in matters of "somebodyhood". This is a declaration of self ownership and understanding of one's role in the world in such a way that expresses a level of conviction. Like it's relatives manhood and womanhood, it is a thing people carry in a sense of esteem and pride. A tangible level of understanding ones ability to touch the world around them in such a way that warrants acknowledgement. A gender unspecific but measurable quality of ones place in their environment.
Their replies were so condescending I walked away with my entire sense of somebodyhood tucked between my legs.

I tried to hold back, but my somebodyhood took over and the experience became mine to own.
by Ersatz Crackerjack October 16, 2014
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