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A supercilious fairy who enjoys spending time making thrones out of raw meat. Her magical powers include, but are not limited to, conjuring a cheeseball out of thin air, waterbending (specifically in and out of one's vagina), can transform any object into a fuzzy peach, and splitting souls. Be warned, they devour souls if you get on their bad side. Puts the cream in cremation. You will ne able to identify a Soiyer by the sudden uncontrollable urge to sing (especially the song "Elephant eating a stick"), her blonde hair, long torso, and impeccable fashion sense. Soiyers are very smart, and can use that advantage agaist you. If a Soiyer is fond of you then you are one lucky person.
"Yo dude, I'm pretty sure that girl over there is a Soiyer"
"Yeah dude, that girl is a goddess"

"Soiyer likes to talk about her designated pooping time"
by deadbarbie June 04, 2018
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