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Soft liquor is off-brand rum, vodka, whisky or other distilled spirits not good enough to drink neat (or mix with gasoline as motor fuel), mixed with sugar not good enough to feed to livestock, poured into gaily coloured bottles and marketed to people who can't or won't drink real liquor. Typical trade names are "Amaretto," "Southern Comfort," "Malibu," and any of the rash (I use the term advisedly) of flavored "vodkas" inflicted on the drinking public. Just about the only liquor made BETTER by mixing with Coke.
"You don't want to go in there... our wives and three other women from their secretarial pool have been guzzling soft liquor all evening, and they're talking about dressing us up like Chippendales... "
by Cajun Scientist March 05, 2013
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