Placing one's name in the caption of a photo posted on Facebook instead of tagging him/her because he/she wishes not to be tagged for a variety of reasons.
Mike didn't want to be tagged in that picture of him in drag in fear of potential employers seeing it. So I soft tagged him in the caption instead.
by Gemini1 December 14, 2008
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A "soft-tag" is when, on Facebook, you tag someone from a comment string rather than sharing (or "bouncing") the item to which you're calling their attention to their timeline. This is a way to tag someone with discretion, because a tag from the comment thread only shows up in the tagged person's notifications, not on their timeline. It's a great way to call attention to something you know is too rude to post directly to their wall.
I soft-tagged you because I knew this would gross out your family if it showed on your timeline.

Soft-tag me from the post so I can check it out after the kids are in bed.
by Plasmo October 21, 2014
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