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The worst type of narcissist and all around pretender, capable of acting like they have empathy, sympathy, are altruistic and act as if they want to be in a relationship. In reality, they are not capable of connecting and forming normal attachment bonds with others.
Creating a false reality that earns them respect and status, no one is truly close to the soft narcissist for their castle would crumble if anyone realized who they really were.

In need of constant praise, most often from the opposite sex, their victims are left feeling unworthy, like they are "never enough," suspicious and due to the myriad of lies, untrusting.

Soft narcissists use the same tactics to drag people into their web as the outward narcissist does, unfortunately because it seems as if they're "nice," their victims spend even longer in relationships with them before realizing it's all a big horrific show and THEY are the clown.
Breadcrumbing, deceit, gas lighting, devaluation and discarding... It's the same cycle, just softer.
She spent years of her life waiting for this "nice" guy to wake up and come around, only to realize after all the bread crumbing that he was just a soft narcissist, stringing her along.
by HealthyMomNextDoor April 08, 2017
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