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Societii (sing.) is a digital society (pronounced the same as the word "society") -- generally an ad hoc network of people coming together online (via forums, google groups, wikis or Facebook pages) around a specific topic of interest, cause, or affiliation. May have emerged out of gaming culture with a subtle reference to Wii, which was essentially the digital rebranding of "We" that turned the "ee" sound into two i's, visually signifying individual people coming together in the game environment. At the time of writing this is very new vernacular with a few current examples:

Conlegium Societii in World of Warcraft
Cute Societii on 6Forum
Celebwitii Klan Societii on Facebook
This is a great place for members of our societii to keep up to date on things of interest.
by greendig February 12, 2011
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