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1. pertaining to a group of individuals that feel comfortable enough to include each chosen friend as a status to feel secure by excluding others who they feel are inadequacy, based on judgement of the entire mass.

2. judgmental focus group of peers.

3. self seekers based on logical compromise via click like emotion.

4. a clicking sound of thinking quickly to rule out another speedily.
1. Oh my gosh, Debbie is so down all the time, she's not invited to our "social-click" outside orgy and buffet of promiscuity because she is sad for not being able to have what we got, and that is free love between each other, who are the only ones that offer this type of fornication.

2. He's in but your out of our social click.

3. Your invited but your friend can't come to our social click.
by James_Lesley_Cain January 01, 2014
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