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A social loser is a person who has no real friends, dates people off text of Myspace, and eats with no one at lunch. Commonly, they are fat and pretend to be sexy by wearing revealing clothing, or wear expensive clothing to cover up their fat and pretend to be rich. They don't hang out often, and when they do, it's with the nerds, going to the movies to watch some new Harry Potter movie. They also usually don't have very much money, and their parents smoke and are generally rednecks. (No matter where you go!) They do drugs and try so hard to fit into cliques. If they are adults, they are usually the creepy person that sits on a bench at a park and eats their lunch and stares at the poor innocent passerby's. Sometimes they are pedophiles, or just your average Joe looking for a Buddie. Sadly, though, if you even TRY to be friends with these people, they'll constantly annoy you and tell you lame jokes that are not even anywhere near being funny, but you might laugh to be nice, anyway. Sometimes they'll crack a "joke" they think is the most hilarious thing they have ever said and you won't even know it's a joke. The way you can tell if someone is a social loser, if they're dressed like a really poor prep, a really ugly scene person, or just an average person dressed in really ugly clothes. But don't hate, because these people are, believe it or not, people, too!
Joe: Oh my god, Cindy became such a social loser!
Eric: Well obviously, she was trying too hard from the beginning anyway.
Social loser: Hey guys, wanna know what I did this weekend?
Preps: Uhhh.... sure....?
Social loser: My parents died.
*gasp* (oh my god!? Poor Baily!)
Social loser(after a few minutes): Just kidding.
Prep: That's NOT funny.
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