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A social Marxist is someone who half heartidly believes in the Marxist school of political though. They may be anti capitalist, anti war and anti racism, but wont join up a Marxist movement and are more like armchair generals of the far left persuasion. Left wing forums are rife with social Marxists. Some social Marxists simply buy CCCP flags, shirts and hats and have a faint idea what its about, but have no foundations for their ideology

Sometimes enviromentalist movements can be regarded as socially Marxist, but this depends on how loony their ideology is. Usually the further to the left you go, the loonier you get
the ideas of Bob Brown and the Greens are social Marxist, at best


I just bought this Che Guevara shirt, i am not sure what he stood for, but it was something about freedom right?
by Venedith August 16, 2011
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