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One of the most powerful gangsta clans in Moscow of late 90-s, headed by the undisputable crime leaders of the South Central (Uzhka, Varshavka) Evgeny Monastirsky-Byk Monah, Andrey Moskowsky-Byk Moskva and Vladimir Byk-Stalnoy-Klyk Aliy. Among the members of the clan were noticed Igor Nachinaushy-Byk-Decl Goon and other inconsiderable becks and calls. Severely competed with St. crime clan, with which signed a peace treaty and further merged in 2001.
With President Putin's coming to power all crime activity in the South Central was suspended, most kingpins imprisonned or killed. Thanks to the front of Soboro, Kiruha - a well-known policeman - the Soboro leaders managed not only to stay alive, but to legalise their crime activity and prosper until now.
Dumb ass punk: "man, my weed is good, word!"
One of the Soboro leaders: "So you want me to put money in you? You know, business here became fucking dangerous, cops watching you, bitch-ass nigers waiting till you slide-off.."
Green ass punk: "chill, man. everything is under control, i dont know, if you are scared..
One of the Soboro leaders: "Hold on! You are talking to the toughest man in the ex-Soviet Union! I run shit, I kill for nothing, don' bring that scared business to me, dont talk to me like that.."
by mohax September 10, 2006
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