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One of the best and most cost effective ways to get completely fried. A SoBe bottle is emptied of its contents, and because of a unique manufacturing process, there is a slightly thinner section of glass at the bottom of the bottle in which a hole can be made using a screwdriver and a hammer. The basic concept is the same as a waterfall bong, however, the stone and taste are superb to plastic. If you're a band geek, use an old trombone mouthpiece with a screen, but most people just use aluminum foil. Either way, it's a sure bet that you'll get totally ripped with this method.
The SoBe bong is cheap and effective, each time you buy a SoBe you have a new waterfall bong! Share them with your friends!

I burned a full bowl with my SoBe bong and it tore me up.
by PrisonerInGlass September 14, 2006
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A device constructed from a Sobe bottle used for smoking weed. A hole is punched through the indent at the bottom of the bottle and a male stem is put through the lid. Fill with water and light the herb and watch the bottle fill with smoke.
"I took the fattest ripper on my homie's sobe bong yesterday."
by wingydingy April 30, 2006
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