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A term used to describe pure pwnage. It can be used for almost anything and everything and can easily be inserted into everyday language.

It can be used as a mark of high status in video games. When someone is really good at the game, and can pwn n00bz in their sleep, they are awarded with the name of "snip3masta". It is a great honour and anyone dubbed with this name is a god in the gaming world. When they find a gamin' gallie, they are then called the "snip3mistress"! It's a very exciting time for all.

Many avid fans of houseleauge soccer sometimes refer to scoring goals as "snyp3ing one in". Crazy ho's are known to have signs reading "SNYP3 ONE IN SABZ", and other ridiculous sorts of things.
EXAMPLE 1 "Yo bro, wut did you do last night?"
" I was gamin, snyp3d so many newbz, and pwned them"

EXAMPLE 2 "I can pwn these newbz in mah sleep"
"Whoa, you're such a snyp3masta"

EXAMPLE 3 "Wow i just love to watch soccer, especially when they snyp3 in awesome goalz!"

by LAMKRU July 23, 2007
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