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When you do donuts (doughnuts) in the snow.

"Oh man it snowed so much last night, lets go to a parking lot and do some snownuts"
by George Bradley November 13, 2007
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'''Snow nut''' is an outdoor game played during the winter time using a large ball of snow between 4 and 6 feet in diameter. One person sits atop the ball of snow and is pelted by all players with smaller snow balls.
Using any selection method desired one person begins as the "snow nut". They must climb onto the snow ball and be pelted by smaller snow balls. If the person should fall off, or decide to get down due to pain or discomfort, the last person to hit them with a snow ball is the new snow nut.

If a Snow nut remains on the ball for an unacceptably long amount of time, one or more players may rock the Snow Ball back and forth until it falls over. The new Snow Nut is whichever person pushing the ball has been Snow Nut the least times.

The game could be played with a stop watch or other timing method allowing whoever remains "Snow Nut" the longest to be the winner.

Otherwise the game is played casually and indefinitely. Usually ending when it is broken up by Campus Public Safety.
"The guy on top the snow ball is the "Snow Nut", Everyone pelt him!"
by pcw27 February 04, 2009
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