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Snow Weaselling is when a girl gets licked out on a bed
Finn got caught Snow Weaselling Lucy
by FoxPiss August 01, 2014
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a snow weasel is a very rare breed of weasel which normally lives in the south and loves to hide out in public schools. they will steal your man so sneakily, and are very hard to be defeated. they have magical snow powers and can freeze any heart within seconds. beware of the dangerous snow weasel!!! their pettiness is out of control!!!! there is only one left in the entire world, so if you catch it, call 911!!!! they are very rare and will try and get your man so AVOID THEM!! if your man gets near one, get him to ditch it right away!

disclaimer: this entry is a joke, don't take it seriously
that girl is SUCH a snow weasel omg
by wildlife101 February 19, 2017
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