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A bong packed with snow. No water in the chamber, just snow packed all the way up to the mouth. As the snow cools the smoke, the bong hits extremely smoothly.
Following the intense blizzard, Johnny ventured outside and packed a snow bong and calmly ripped two bowls, creating a great high.
by BudSmokersOnly November 16, 2007
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1. The act of filling one's (usually tubular) bong with snow by a method similar to core-sampling. Pioneered by skiers in the 70's and 80's, and being perfected by today's snowboarders. Still practiced by those very pioneers on the first snow day of the winter.
2. The act of enjoying the cool, fruity smoke of said device.
"Hey dude, there's six inches of freshie up at Bogus! Grab the tube and let's pull some snow bongs"
by eejermon November 10, 2007
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