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A competitive game consisting of two or more teams battling each other in a shallow body of water, usually a shallow end of a swimming pool. The teams consist of two people and at least one of the two members must be male. The top male sits atop his partners shoulders straddling the lower partners head. The configuration of team members resembles a typical chicken fight stance with one small difference, the top member of the team is facing backwards in relation to his base partner. The position of the top partner leaves the top members genitals directly in contact with the base partners face. This configuration resembles the base partner "wearing" the top team member like a snorkel mask.

Once two or more teams are in fighting stances the rules are simple: the top members are competing against each other and try to topple the opposing teams until one team is left standing. The base members main objective is to stay standing upright, however they can kick each other or attempt to trip opposing teams under water. The last team left standing is the victor.
I went over to Hank and Betty's pool party last Saturday expecting to relax, but a crazy snorkel fight broke out. I left with a black eye and ripped swim trunks.
by ralphnader October 02, 2013
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