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the art or action of removing a bicycle seat(usually the quick release type) and hold it in front of you by the post like a pop-sicle and taking periodic sniffs or wofts from the seat area with the goal of smelling whatever aromas that are emitting from said seat, for the best results this usually takes place right after the seat in question has been sat on or "ridden".
the most popular smells or "flavours" are usually from a womans(pussy smell) bicycle seat but some also prefer the one from males(smegma, ball sweat) or the universal ass smell.
some are also known for the trifecta of smells which many people seem to get maximum enjoyment.
Some also consider this to be a fetish but it only seems to be popular in parts of thailand.
Angela-"hey Tom that was an awesome bike ride and its a hot day too, im all sweaty"
Tom-"I know it was awesome, and now we will be able to each enjoy eachothers sniff-sicle"
Angela-"I totally agree lets just hold them here and sniff away"
by canadianwintersaretoolong September 09, 2010
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