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A space ship used by the inhibitants of planet Snarf. A world in the Zimcila galaxy approximately 14 billion light years away. The Snarfsonians first used their snarflecopter to visit planet Earth in the year 1873 A.D. This information has been covered up by the government. Under the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant, Two americans John L. Smith and Fredrick S. Mattley went with the Snarfsonians to visit planet snarf. In turn two Snarfsonians XJL6 and XKA4 came to planet Earth. XJL6 moved to Italy and married an Italian women. They gave birth to the first mixed Snarf/Earth baby in 1883. This mix in races proved horrible. Their son was Benito Mussolini, who went on to the leader of the facist party and dictator of Italy during WWII.
that snarflecopter is really fast
by BBoye February 04, 2008
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