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a generation of humans raised to communicate with social media and generaly has a more important life on social media than in real life and typically lacks in real world knowledge and interactive communication and very poor social skills. and since theyve never known any other way of meeting new people they will snapchat afriend to find out the persons snapchat name of who they want to meet. and they find this way of breaking the ice to be much easier but they typically build up a snapchat relationship with that person and never end up making friends with the individual or ever talking to the person at all in real life
hey ive been wheeling that new girl at school pretty hard on snapchat but i walk by her in the hall way she doesnt even look at me but she still snaps me everyday after school why is this? well my friend she is part of the snapchat generation.
by greasemagnet125 May 08, 2016
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