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If you grab life by the balls, then it's nothing to grip a snake by the neck and milk its fangs for every drop of venom - leaving it meek, harmless and limp. A snakemilker ain't for the average man. More like a bad ass who takes his lady to a cage fight on the first date. The type of man who cleans his own wounds, inks his own tattoos and drinks NOS like it's water in the Mojave. A snakemilker ain't in it for the fame. He ain't in it for the hype. And he damn sure ain't in it for the money. That's bull. He's in it for the scars, the war stories, the respect. So here's to those unsung hereos who don't give two fangs what some poodle groomer thinks. The ones who look back on life with pride, knowing they kicked ass when all was said and done.
"My daddy'll whoop your daddy's ass, cause my daddy's a snakemilker and your daddy's a Beach Scavenger."

"He had the scars of a snakemilker, the ears of a cage fighter and the handshake of a cowboy. That's a man who lived life."
by One and done. April 14, 2014
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