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The proud nobles and inbred protectors of the n00b nexus, the sn00blin is cousin to the flying squirrel, the guinea pig and Cool Ranch Dorritos. These small creaters were said to have the IQ of a human suffering from down syndrome at one point of time, but as immense pollution deformed the sn00blins, its IQ has said to be at least 3, which inevitablly, is a much higher score than a human suffering from down syndrome. Sn00blins have evolved over the years to create quite unique physical features, their bodies are covered with liver spots and moles sprouting dark curly pubic hair which grows out of the stems of the sn00blin's bodily moles. Most sn00blins have orange hair, but some sn00blins find it hard to wash out the icky white and recieve multiple seizures due to ODs of protein. The sn00blin sticks to the strict diet of giant slothz and forrest cacti, but occasionally feed on one another.
sn00blin - An urban disturbance
by Garmy June 09, 2004
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