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-A Smuszkiewicz a name of a wonderful person, who also happens to be very smart, they are kind. People with this name tend to be the best friends you'll ever know.

Name Broken down:
-It's also a name which has it's roots in Slavic countries (Poland, Belarus..etc.), with wicz or ewicz meaning son or daughter of Smuszkiwicz
-"ki" can also have the same meaning as ewicz or wicz, in that it identifies that they are some one's child.

-Mus can mean astronomy, or the stars
Oh Smuszkiewicz? So your'e Smuszkie's daughter then?

Oh Smuszkiewicz? So your'e Smuszki's daughter then?

Oh Smuszkiewicz? So your'e Smusz's daughter then?

She's a Smuszkiewicz? She must have relatives from Poland or from Eastern Europe!

Did you just say your last name is Smuszkiewicz? That's an awesome last name, I wish I had one that looked like that.

Did you know that Smuszkiewicz is Polish last name with about 60 going by it in their country? Every other country doesn't have nearly as many with the United States having only 15 people with that name.
by The_Knowledge_Hub February 28, 2018
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