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smokin jelli has two meanings, one derivative.

In it's simplest form, jelli is anything that is good and smokin', well I don't think I need to explain that.

Smokin' Jelli as the brand is the cultivation of Hip Hop culture on a multi-media platform. The documentary, mixtape, television broadcast, mixtape series, print, podcast and industry network is the essence of what the game should be - education for the artists, innovation behind brilliant music for the fans and progression within Hip Hop as a whole.

So, want some Smokin' Jelli? is the best way for you to understand Smokin' Jelli. The music, the cars, the grillz, the fashion, the events, the DJs, the celebrities, the performances, the kicks, the information - all examples of the dedication the Smokin' Jelli team puts into producing quality Hip Hop programming for your viewing pleasure.

Artists! Producers! Got tracks or beats? Email to submit your mp3s to DJs, label reps, managers, promoters and more!!!

smokin jelli
by Smokin JElli April 01, 2009
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