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smithfield high school sucks why because we have more people droping out then ever. this school and the state of Rhode islane does not want us to become grads. They are making us do this dump things called "common task" but yet they do nothing for our common good they just make us look dumb. The students get along pretty well we all love to party and have a good time. this school is bad they lock the bathrooms on you then you get bitched at cuz you were out of class for 15 mins to use the bathroom. They suspend students for no reason they have them taken off school grounds by the cops then the student gets fined. kids fail because their teacher goes and has a baby and they dont replace her so the students learn shit then they have to be graded on shit they never learned and they have to take a final exam that some bitch of a twig made up on her own and just put random shit on it that we never even heard about this school doesnt give 2 shits bout us they just want us all to go to jail for doing nothing you cant even trust anyone that works there cuz they will go an tell everyone else everything about you
me: how come i never see you in school anymore?
dropout: i dropedout,
me: oh how come you are wicked smart
dropout: because i didnt have enough common tasks to graduate.
me: thats fucked up i cant believe that smithfield high in rhode island would let you drop out because of that.
dropout: yeah rhode island schools are wack
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