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smile.jpg smiledog.jpg among other names –

One of the first creepypasta chain letters to start in the 1990’s quite possibly on USENET. The original image was of a husky with glowing green eyes and large teeth, with a red hand floating by it.

One of the stories (their are many now) claimed that a woman had seen the picture and killed herself, and so her husband, for who knows what reason, decided to forward the picture to his friends and relatives….. If true, What a tard.

The chain letter was circulated and a basement dweller from 4chan got his or her hands on it. Because the original picture was hardly intimidating, said basement dweller decided to use basic photoshop skills to create a piece of crap shoop that was some crooked teeth put onto a husky’s face and turned red along with other changes.

This was promptly spammed all over /x/.

So your answer is No.

You will not go insane.

It’s just another chain letter and a badly shoop.
Example of the smile.jpg chain letter:

Take a look at this!
Now you need to forward it.....
Blah blah blah...

(No you don't. It's time to break the chain)
by Dr.Wellby October 23, 2010
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A supposedly "haunted" image dating back to the beginnings of the internet, smile.jpg has a reputation for driving those who view it insane, making its victims view it in their mind's eye at every turn. While it has been discovered that these images in victims' minds are the result of epileptic seizures, there is no clear understanding of just WHY the image causes this. All of the victims who spoke up about their experiences however, have said that they are also visited by the dog-like creature in the image, named "". When in these dreams, the only thing the victims can do is watch and listen as tells them that the only respite to their torment is to "spread the word", and many of them recieve shortly thereafter a removable media via mail with no return address. Inside these media is said to be another copy or form of, which the victim is encouraged to spread to others. It is not known whether or not these stories are true however, as both Snopes and Wikipedia have no articles regarding it, and any attempt to create one is summarily removed by the administrators of those sites.
-Hey, take a look at this image, smile.jpg
-OSHI- What is that?!?
-Just spreading the word...

by January 15, 2009
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An image of a grinning man's face, photoshopped on top of a snarling dog's face, modified a little more and mixed together so it looks like a dog with a giant head with sharp teeth. At first, it scares the hell out of you but if you take some time to look at it, it isn't that bad. There are rumors going around that it will drive you insane, but that only happens if you hide from it.
It's so easy to see that smile.jpg is photoshopped. The bright colors just make it less noticeable.
by July 09, 2009
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A photoshopped image of a husky and a human. People say it has caused epileptic fits, reoccurring nightmares, and even suicidal thoughts. It's just creepypasta shit. I've spent forever staring at that picture. I've never had a nightmare about it, I've never had any type of delusion or any thoughts of suicide. The original photo is not scary at all, and the photoshopped one is just creepy if you don't examine it.
Hey, dude, look at this smile.jpg. It's supposed to make you go insane!

Nah man, I'm not into dumb creepypasta stories.
by Smile.kitten June 24, 2012
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