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Smerdy Reeba: Croatian for smelly fish, but translated into english by dirty suburban kids meaning stank pussy.
Ones vagina that resembles the smell of a dead walrus. Generally found in women with lack of personalities and women who suffer from sea donkeyness.
Amanda who convienently has no personality has a smerdy reeba.
by Mike Reilly March 14, 2005
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1 -Vagina that smells one of a dead walrus.
2 - Hoobastank
3 - Usually occurs when the girl has no personality
4 - Minimal care of the hygene in the private region
Reilly: I was talking to Amanda no personality last night and managed to get her over for a touch.
Grant: How did that go?
Reilly: She had a smerdy reeba!
Grant: A what?
Reilly: It smelt like a dead walrus! Good enough?
Grant: You poor thing.
by Justin Grant March 14, 2005
Happy St. Patties Day!