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the bridge of skin that links between your balls and arse. also known as a wordtaint/word or a wordbarse/word
mmmm, lick my smelly bridge baby
by lizzie April 23, 2003
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same as guch. Area between the scrotum and the anus. Completely useless, if you think about it.
I hurt me fucking smelly-bridge sliding down the banister
by Paul Fagan March 22, 2004
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The area of skin between a man's anus and the base of his scrotum. This area is normally covered in pubic hair, is a deeper, richer colour than the skin found elsewhere on the body, and sweats profusely, quantifying the 'smelly' tag.

The smelly bridge is a very sensitive piece of equipment, and orgasms can be greatly enhanced with a quick flick of a finger or tongue between the arsehole and the sack just before ejaculation.

The biological term for the smelly bridge his perineum, though it is also known as 'The Dark Meat'.
"Don't wipe forwards man, you'll get shit all over your smelly bridge"

"Man, I've been on this exercise bike for over an hour. My smelly bridge must be redder than cajun hot sauce"

Chap 1 - "Hey man, I've started shaving my cock and ballsack, but you know, i jst don't know where to stop"

Chap 2 - "Well I always stop at the smelly bridge"
by mikekruger April 04, 2008
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