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Term coined by the legendary Alan Partridge. Can be taken literally or used as a fierce insult.
"D'ya want some cheese?... have some cheese.... Smell my cheese ya mother..." <whilst thrusting a slab of cheese under the nose of the director general of the BBC, Tony Hayers>.
by Cale and Nick May 09, 2005
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A technique used to punch your friends/someone who deserves it.
You put your fist on the flat palm of your other hand and tell the victim to smell your cheese. When they put their face near your fist, you punch them. Simple as that.
Lazy cousin of The Cancer Prank.
Person 1: Hey Dan, smell my cheese. -Holds out 'cheese'-
Person 2: Um, okay... -Does so-
Person 1: -Punch-
Person 2: OW. You bastard!
by Naevai December 08, 2009
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