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Somone who is smart yet retarded in a sense. Particularly, a person who is smatarded is only smart when intelligence is being called upon. Otherwise mainly random, stupid, mentally handicapped, dumbfounded, and ADD. Most of the time, unintelligent people cannot see through this type of person and assume that they really are just completely stupid, but on the inside the smatarded person is laughing at them because they are the lesser.
Joe: Bro, I need help on my Pre-calculus... but nobody 'cept Shmoe is around.. and he's just stupid!
*Shmoe quickly and hastily solves the problem*
Shmoe: Only believe half of what you see;)
Joe: Whoa, he's like.. smart but retarded..smatarded!
by Wolfywoof March 08, 2011
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