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The condition when the left thumb becomes irritated after playing to many games of super smash bros on n64. Three starts in a row at 11 stock is the number of games where smash thumb sets in, as noted by a Cumberland, RI doctor's son. Especially evident in players who push up to jump instead of using the 'c' buttons. Does not happen with ssbm or ssbb because of the less abrasive gamecube and wii joysticks. Some gay kids use batting gloves to help avoid smash thumb.
Booty and Big Gay Al could not be defeated by the team of LG and Snots because Snots starting bitching about smash thumb so Bird Man had to play, but no one was going to beat that damn incumbent team with kirby out there, not without G-Rod anyway.
by Gano 415 May 20, 2009
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