A geographic location and a state of mind that generally can be used to reference a small east coast city, otherwise known as Baltimore. Smalltimore refers both to Baltimore's size and its clique oriented social scene. Smalltimore is a pejorative term that refers to the fact that everyone in Baltimore knows each other, and shares the same sex partners. As well no one ever leaves smalltimore, and no one outside smalltimore knows jack shit about Baltimore.
Beer Drinker 1: Oh shit, that guy is friends with the bitch who threw urine in my face and then spread lies about me.
Beer Drinker 2: Welcome to Smalltimore.

Man: Don't I know you from somewhere?
Woman: Probably, this is Smalltimore.
Man: Oh right, you are in that DIY punk band. Your roommate is friends with someone from my anarchist, women's studies collective.
by utz hayim September 10, 2006
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