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the original definition would be the stealing of ones slut. ANy event in which a persons slut, bitch, ho, skank, or prostitute is stolen. But this word can be used in any context. at any moment when someone is pissing you off they are a slutsteal. the past tense is slutstole and the future tense is a will slutsteal.
basic: wtf that was my fuckin slut, you slutsteal!
Past: sorry about having sex with your girlfriend, i totally slutstole you.

casual: wow i just kicked your ass in Madden you shit eating slutsteal.
by Nicholas L January 28, 2008
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Someone that steals your slut. Or anything else for that matter. Someone steals a person your flirting with, your pencil, your seat, anything.
Your giving Max a back massage, then a second later Heather is giving him a back massage. You would then be able to call Heather a, "Slut Steal."
by Tay Kl January 10, 2008
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