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A) an ex girlfriend or an old hook up that caused more problems in your life than any other disaster.

B) Someone who is a complete whore and whose name is of no importance to you or any other potential hook up.
A) yeah you guys remember stutsherface, she fucking ruined my life

B) hey jeff, you gunna get at slutsherface?
by Dakotamaybe March 08, 2011
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The term used for a slutty girl whose name you can't remember (a combination of "slut" and "what's-her-face"); often used when talking about an ex's new slutty girlfriend or the slutty girlfriend of a guy you like.
Ann: So, are you going out with Roger?
Molly: No, he's still going out with slut's-her-face.
by _lady_bugg_ January 13, 2009
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