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What is this? It’s wolf ticket level flame war where it’s not the typical flaming but these get unfunny quite fast. It’s a flame war where the flaming gets into ethnic slur territory and borderline hate speech levels. This is when Kealan Patrick Burke and The Cabbie Homicide’s guilty party went at it on twitter -- turned into this; the slurs got progression of nasty. These can really get vicious when Italians nail those who are British when they pick up their slurs in Italian.
Watch it with these -- the author of An Eye In Shadows learning the ethnicity of some detractors will get ugly with flame wars. As few will say and some noted some of the extremely nasty insults on the staff of Hellbound Books when he called one of them "Hitler's Fucktoy" then the leader of the imprint implied he didn't read up on Emmett Till and tried to mock the roster that's The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five.

Some noticed when the roster was introduced a then rival publisher now admitted the one kept the peace invoked this -- the thing known, a vicious and nasty style of flame war known as a slur war. The mental patient remark the asshole got flagged about 20 times for hate speech alone. Don't invoke slur war with African-Americans or those from the Arab Spring's that's a huge no. You can get in Facebook Jail for 30 days for recalling some of the slurs, they picked up on one in Italian.
by ilinoishorrorman June 15, 2018
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