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the state in which you find yourself the day after you drop way too much lax with the boys
A: "kyle looks pretty bad man, what happened to his stupid ass?"

B: "too much lacrosse brah, he's pretty slung over. It doesnt matter though cus he sucks anyway"
by all-apologies October 24, 2009
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Feeling like you're hungover but annoyingly due to a lack of sleep rather than drink.
I literally have no idea what is going on today, I'm so slungover
by Profkin July 04, 2011
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when you nap too hard and wake up feeling hungover, but you didn't drink at all.
Person 1: Where's Bob? He was supposed to be here five minutes ago.
Person 2: He just texted me. Says he just woke up from a really good nap, but he's really slungover.
by rjlol August 13, 2015
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