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One who's signature move is to fall asleep on the toilet.
One who uses monotone deep vocal noises when approached by mysterious gentlemen callers.
One who randomly will speak in a British accent for emph-a-sis.
One who invites strangers to play word games on public transportation.
One who double fists $16 worth of quality soda water.
One who frequents DEUCES.
One who likes 'shoes and booze,' all day erryday.
One who bites the bug beast...? that bit them? Perhaps? Maybe?
One who wants high waisted shorts and purchases everythang except.
One who grinds on various objects and flits around when 'up in da club.'
That slubby slore is having an epic night.

DANG, that is a bus load of slubby slores.

We be slubbin'.
by darealplarshady June 30, 2012
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