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an exotic form of a handjob that is done extremely slowly. Sloth jobs should last between 2.5-4 hours, as if a sloth was giving it. It must be given with 2-3 fingers and while the person giving the sloth job is hanging from a canopy or bunk bed. After completion, the one performing the job slowly "climbs" their way to the top bunk or out a nearby window. Optional things to do during a sloth job include eating leafy vegetation and making sloth mating noises sporadically.
That girl's wrist must be so sore after giving me a sloth job last night.
by 8InchesOfPain June 06, 2011
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When a person has a serious hand deformity but uses it to their advantage in order to give an award worthy hand job. Normally the person suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Macrodactyly.
Even though Monica's rheumatoid arthritis makes it look like she is constantly throwing up gang signs, I'm able to look past it because she is able to give a killer SlothJob.
by JKWeb August 04, 2011
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