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someone who over exaggerates a story or situation to make themselves look better in front of people or in a way to create an excuse.

One who starts telling a bs story and just keeps adding on to it and cant seem to get out of the lie.

Its called a slippery nip due to the story teller constantly slipping on his own lies just to sound cooler
Matt knew he didn't have any money. He asks his friend for 5 dollars and then goes on to tell his friend how he is going to his aunts tomorrow to cut her grass with her new 2000 dollar lawnmower with a sound system on it and awesome 10" chrome rims on it. His aunt lives in like a million dollar house on almost 3 acres of land in another city. So after that I should have money to pay you back. His friend (the lender) is completely aware that he doesn't have an aunt in another city and calls Matt a slippery nip.
by Alexsduke February 03, 2010
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