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Pronounced : s-Lick-sih-th

1. A visually unpleasant autistic child with the attention span and intelligence of a cane toad. Known for soliciting young boys for 'recruitment' into a sexually abusive relationship (a.k.a. Homosexual). Believe's 99% of almost everything that is posted on infowars. Wears bright colored clothing to entice young men into conversation which may or may not (confirmed 98% conversion rate) lead to gay activities.

2. Has been seen actively on the New York Gay Pride circuit in famous locations such as but not limited to 'The Manhole' 'The Dusty Dirt Path' 'Sailors' and the infamous 'Man's Country'.

3. Known in many circles as the 'Golden Adonis' referring to his fascination with pissing inside little boys assholes.

Origins - Florida , Sicily
Oh Look! There is Slicksith! Sound your non-factor alarm and target him last. He will be too busy licking smelly man taint and staring at shiny things.
by ROBERT FAGOT the III January 18, 2017
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